Saturday, 30 March 2013

Long time .. No Blogging

Very sorry about the HUUUUGE gap I've left in my blog!
It's been such a busy time.
First off I proudly graduated University with First Class Honours, making the time and effort put in the most worthwhile thing I have done :)

After University I decided to give myself some time to relax and consider what to do with myself next.. and so I started working part time just to keep an income and spent time at concerts, weekends away and getting back to the art I love. The sort that is inspired by my hobbies and interests. I found I absolutely LOVE papercutting, it has become my favourite way to pass the time :D also a good old pencil sketch has been a regular thing, with drawing of friends and favourite places sneaking up on my instagram regularly!

And so that's about all I've been doing with my time, it's been absolute bliss to create for the love of it without deadlines and criteria to meet (having said that I adored my course and miss it!) it's also been wonderful to share the artwork with friends and I'm amazed how grateful people are to have a drawing :)

The last piece of news it the one I'm most excited about... I have booked a 2 month trek around America that I start in 4 weeks!! I can not explain how exciting this is! I have never done anything like it and there is so much I'll be able to do! I'm hoping some sights will inspire beautiful artworks.. if not it'll will have been a damn good sight to see anyway :)

So after that brief update I will once again make a pact to keep up blogging more regularly haha.. I'm sure there will be tales to tell in a few months after 33 States in 64 days! 

E xx