Monday, 21 March 2011

Contemporary Patchwork

After using a pale colour palette I decided it was not as modern as I would have liked. In the second semester I returned my focus to the colour palette and dyed up fabrics to suit the style I wanted.

These are some of my initial samples, I have decided to work towards Household products such as aprons, oven gloves, potholders and tea towels. I will update as these designs progress.

Floral Patchwork

I began a Floral project in the first semester of my second year, I combined patchworking with contemporary embroidery depicting floral images. I tried to choose more unusual imagery such as seed heads and the centers of flowers rather than typical outlines of flowers.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Digital Print

In my second year I worked on designs for digital print. The trend was Evolve, Devolve so I started combining drawings of birds and butterflies with barometers and overlaying bold geometrics. I started by creating collages with my owns drawings, patterns and bright painted papers.
 I then took these designs on to Photoshop to develope layout ideas and experiment thoroughly with colour. This lead to creating a series of fashion illustrations to demonstrate how these designs could be used.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Military Patchwork

I studied various World War artefacts for a Military assignment in my first year of university. The final result was a patchworked waistcoat, I took detailing from war time uniforms, badges and stamps, the striking purple was added to give it a contemporary twist.

Some of the developing samples for this piece included experimenting with patchwork, trialing different colours, fabrics and papers. It was at this stage I began adding sequins and beading to give a more luxurious effect to something that would otherwise be very formal.

Monday, 14 March 2011


Hi, I'm Emma and a student designer. I've decided to start this block as a way of documenting my work as it progresses. An online diary of sorts :)
My workspace :)